VYDC is where young San Francisco Southeast Asians can feel at home, learn valuable life skills, and take control of their futures. We operate with the core belief that everyone can succeed if given the appropriate resources and guidance. Our Southeast Asian youth services aim to equip underserved youth with the skills they need to not only succeed in school and employment, but also to inspire confidence, positive self-image, and community leadership.

After School Academic Programs

VYDC provides After School Academic Programs for San Francisco Southeast Asian youth of all ages. We mentor struggling refugee and immigrant youth and provide them with the opportunities, resources, and guidance to graduate from high school and prepare for college. We regularly offer ESL, writing and math classes, GED preparation classes, one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, and multilingual academic support.

  • Academic support services for at-risk students
  • One-on-one tutoring and group tutoring programs
  • College preparation and financial aid workshops
  • ESL, writing, and math classes

Youth Leadership Development

Our Youth Leadership Development services offer unique opportunities for San Francisco refugees and immigrants to create change from within their own communities. We provide underserved Southeast Asians, including Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, with the resources and guidance they need to learn new skills, forge their own paths, and be who they want to be. The Tenderloin Youth Leadership program helps youth to learn the context they are living in and become confident leaders and advocates.

  • Youth Urban Gardening
  • Tobacco Free Project

Health and Wellness Programs for Youth

VYDC aims to promote healthy lifestyles and personal development through its Health and Wellness programs for youth. We specialize in offering San Francisco case management services for Southeast Asians with academic, justice, and mental health issues. It’s hard for refugee and immigrant youth to succeed if their parents are also struggling, which is why VYDC’s Asian Youth Prevention Services Program focuses on strengthening family relationships.

  • Asian Youth Prevention Services (AYPS)
  • Counseling and Case Management Services