We offer Southeast Asian Community and Family Services that help underserved refugees and immigrants gain the life and language skills needed for employment and adjustment to American culture. Each of us has a unique story and challenges, which is why we provide support that is tailored to each person?s specific needs. VYDC continues to transform the lives of thousands of low-income families living in the Tenderloin and neighborhoods across San Francisco.

Employment Opportunities

San Francisco has a dynamic economy bursting with employment opportunities, but there are many systemic barriers that prevent equal access to these opportunities. VYDC aims to break these barriers down and support Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees with educational and employment programs that increase access. We provide one-on-one employment support and skill development, help with high school diplomas and GEDs, assist with college preparation, and provide opportunities for paid work experience.

  • Asian Pacific Islander Neighborhood Opportunities
  • San Francisco Young Adults Working Program (SFYAW)
  • Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program (MYEEP)

Southeast Asian Mental Health Initiative

VYDC offers a compassionate and holistic approach to supporting low-income refugees and immigrants living in the Tenderloin and neighborhoods across San Francisco. Many Southeast Asians, including Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotians, living in these impoverished neighborhoods are at high risk for becoming isolated, involved with criminal activity, dropping out of school, and developing mental health issues.

We increase awareness, reduce mental health stigma, and promote mental well-being by providing culturally relevant education regarding these important issues. We also work with youth and their families to strengthen relationships and provide education to reduce and prevent access to alcohol and tobacco use.

ESL/Translation Services

Despite city-wide prosperity and wealth introduced by new sectors, Southeast Asian residents in the Tenderloin remain vulnerable to poverty and displacement due to language barriers and isolation, which limits their access to relevant skills training and vital social services. These barriers restrict the social and economic development for low income Southeast Asian communities. Our job is to close this gap so all San Francisco residents can flourish. VYDC provides weekly Southeast Asian translation services and ESL courses to assist vulnerable urban youth & families living in San Francisco.

  • Weekly ESL classes for beginners
  • Weekly Intermediate ESL classes
  • Vietnamese Translation Services
  • Vietnamese translation available for community members at four Southeast Asian serving organization